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A boutique photo studio

Lifestyle, advertising, beauty-fashion, editorial, portraits, tabletop, food photographyChelsea Daylight Studio has been providing a personal custom service to the photo and video production industry since 1998. Our clients are companies and artists from New York and beyond the city seeking a friendly, high quality rental studio with some unique features.

Film/video/TV production CastingsWorking with one client at a time allows us to pay special attention to the special requirements and needs of our clients. We welcome special requests and will try our best to answer your needs.

Corporate events & parties, celebrity interviewsThe studio has been used for lifestyle, advertising, beauty-fashion, editorial, portraits, tabletop and food photography. We have also accomodated film, video and TV production crews. Lately our spaces have been rented to hold corporate events and parties, celebrity interviews and castings.


Our rates are competitive for the New York City market. We have worked with clients of all sizes and from all industries. We understand that you have your own constraints and need to provide your own competitive quotes to your clients, be they internal or external.

We have special rates for editorial shoots, volume discounts and special requests. Get in touch with your needs and let us put an estimate together for you.

Nearby Food and Drink

One advantage of being located in the heart of the New York City is the range of services that are available to us. Check out this Yelp map of places where you can get food and drinks for delivery during the day, for lunch or to relax after the shoot.